"The dividend of research is profit."

-- Christina Nikolov.

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 "Which books should an investor definitely have?"

"The following books are extremely timely, helpful and interesting and I heartily recommend them to any investor, or potential investor. A properly stocked and oft used financial library is money in the bank. Don't just get these books and let them sit. Read, study, learn and incorporate the wisdom you gain from these books into your financial and stock market activities. Read, study, learn, do your own research, invest wisely and your financial future is assured. Success seeks the wise."

-- Christina Nikolov
Founder/CEO, ChartWatchCentral, Inc.

Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms

ISBN# 0-8120-9035-7

Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns

ISBN# 0-471-29525-6

Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques

ISBN# 0-13-932650-7

Option Strategies

ISBN# 0-471-11555-X

Technical Analysis - A Personal Seminar

ISBN# 0-13-898370-4

Technical Analysis of The Futures Markets

ISBN# 0-13-898008-X

Technical Analysis of Stock Trends

ISBN# 0-8144-0680-7

Forecasting Profits Using Price & Time

ISBN# 0-471-15539-x

Trading With Oscillators

ISBN# 0-471-15538-1

Wealth Happens One Day At A Time

ISBN# 0-06-095917-7

Contrarian Investing



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