"Prosperity is symbiotic."

-- Christina Nikolov

ChartWatchCentral - Opportunity Knocks

Turn a Crisis Into an Opportunity

Christina Nikolov, Founder/CEO, ChartWatchCentral, Inc.

The most difficult times, the choppiest of waters lead many to yearn for safe harbor. Safe harbor is a natural longing of the human condition - the nesting instinct beats strong in every breast. However, to conquer the crash, to rise above the morass attempting to suck you under is the hallmark of greatness.

Examine your crisis, whether it be market conditions or something of an extremely personal nature, and ponder deeply. Is there progress to the better at any level? Devote time to energetic and constructive thought and action rather than to morose depreciation. Old adages die hard, but indeed there is a silver lining to every cloud and excellent lemonade can be made with a surfeit of lemons.

Do not whither, do not give up. The path may be well hidden but search and find the opportunity - it is always present - and you will find the greatness within yourself. You will also discover safe harbor.

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