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-- Christina Nikolov

ChartWatchCentral - Disclaimer

Our goal is to provide investors with unbiased research and trading ideas, so when we post analysis to our website, we do so because our proprietary research determined that the subject of our analysis (equity, index, etc.) has a good chance of reversing a prior trend.

All mutual funds profiled within this website are expected to outperform their peer group over the long-term, since they have performed better than the average fund in their category (as defined by Morningstar) over several time periods, as well as meeting other criteria. Our full criteria for choosing the stocks, mutual funds, options, etc. profiled within ChartWatchCentral’s website is proprietary.

While we do everything in our power to ensure the accuracy and reliability of information provided to members, we cannot 100% guarantee it, since some data within our commentaries, analysis, momentum forecasts, etc. is provided by third-parties.

In addition, when we profile a security whose price we expect to reverse direction, we do everything in our power to project accurate price targets, as well as precise stop loss prices. Though we make every effort to be perfectly on the mark, please realize that price targets and stop losses are figures that are very difficult to predict perfectly. There have been many occasions when we have posted a stock or index commentary and then removed it from the active list because it reached our price target, only to watch it continue in the direction we predicted. Many of our postings have risen or fallen well beyond our original price target after they were removed from the active list. That said, even though we may have removed an opportunity from the active list, there is a possibility that the move we predicted may or may not have completed at the time we removed it. For example: We posted Broadvision (BVSN) to the site on December 4, 2001 as a downside bet, and then removed it in early February 2002, after it had fallen 34%. After we removed it from the list, it continued falling, and eventually hit $2.70, which was 90% below the price on the posting date. What we are saying is that we usually remove a posting when our price objective is reached, and many times the price continues to move further in that same direction. On occasion, a pick might fail to meet our expectations and fall short of our price target, or even worse, move in a direction which is opposite to what we anticipated. That said, you should perform your own research prior to investing in anything posted on our site, so you will not be blindly investing in anything. If you are planning to invest in any of what we post to our website, we would prefer that you have some technical analysis experience, so you could use that experience to determine for yourself, whether our pick meets your personal goals and risk tolerance.

Note: All commentaries within are for entertainment purposes only. They may or may not have been written recently, so it's imperative that you please refer to the date it was published prior to utilizing any of that research.

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