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ChartWatchCentral - Broadening Tops

A Broadening Top is very powerful chart reversal pattern which often fools investors and untrained chartists, especially those who  subscribe to the philosophy of buying on breakouts or when a new high is reached. A textbook version of this formation consists of five price points......three peaks and two troughs which resemble a lopsided 'W', because each new peak is higher than the last and each new trough undercuts the prior one. Simply put, it is an expanding price range with higher highs and lower lows. An upward sloping trendline can often be drawn connecting the higher peaks, while a descending trendline can be used to connect the lower lows. And believe it or not, that upper trendline can often be used to perfectly anticipate where the final peak could occur, as you will see when looking though our database of chart patterns below.

Some examples of these Broadening Top formations are below. When you click a link, a new (popup) window will open with that chart inside. You may then resize that window as desired, to view the commentary, then leave that new window open when done. For your convenience, all new charts which you click after the first one will open in that same window, so you might want to place the two windows side by side if possible.

Amazon.com (2008)

DST Systems (2008)

International Game Tech (1993)

Diagnostic Products (2002)

Gtech Holding (2002)

Lamar Advertising (2000)

LAM Research (2000)

Microsoft (2001)


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