Be Strong
Al Kotyuk

In 1965, I was working for Fairchild Semiconductor Company. At the time, our CFO came into the company's data center and told us to buy the stock because things were looking really good. I bought 200 shares at $20. Since there were no discount brokers back then, it was necessary to use a regular broker. A few weeks later the broker called me and insisted that I sell my shares, which had risen to $44. I didn't want to sell, but he kept insisting, since I had already doubled my money. This was July/August 1965. Unfortunately I caved in to the broker's demands and sold the shares, because soon thereafter the shares rocketed to $260 per share. I missed out on $43000. Lesson learned: Don't let others push you to do something that you don't want to do.

"Experience is the gatekeeper of success."

--Christina Nikolov, Founder ChartWatchCentral

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