"Chance is the master of defeat.

--Christina Nikolov

ChartWatchCentral - Photographs By Christina Nikolov


Fog bank in a valley on south side of Route 17 (near Binghamton, NY)



Sunrise (St. Pete Beach, FL)


White House

White House (Washington, D.C.)



Sunset - El Paso

Sunset (West El Paso, TX)



Lightning during a severe storm (St. Pete Beach, FL)


Sunrise from above

Sunrise from approx. 35,000 feet above ground level (near Jacksonville, FL)



Lighthouse on the Hudson River (Tarrytown, NY)


Empire State Building

Empire State Building (looking north from approx. 30th Street & 5th Avenue)


My House

House built by my father. Our residence from 1981-1996.


Staten Island

Looking northwest towards Staten Island, NY (approx. 5,000 ft. above ground level)


Boat Race

Boat race on the Hudson River (near Tarrytown, NY)



Rainbow over the Franklin Mountains (West El Paso, TX)


JFK Final Approach

Final approach into JFK Int'l Airport (2,000 feet above ground level)


Coney Island

Looking north towards Coney Island, NY  (approx. 150 feet above the water)


Chesapeake Bay 

Chesapeake Bay at sunrise (approx. 40,000 feet above ground level)



Sunset (St. Pete Beach, FL)


South Pasadena, FL (11-02-2005)

Sunset (St. Pete Beach, FL)


Near St. Petersburg, FL (11-09-2005)

Sunset (St. Pete Beach, FL)


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