"True privacy resides within."

-- Christina Nikolov


ChartWatchCentral - Privacy Policy

It is our belief that privacy policies on the World Wide Web leave much to be desired. Many are written in a, seemingly intentional, confusing manner which leaves the reader wondering exactly what the actual policy is - or even if the site in question actually values the visitor's privacy or is deliberately being obtuse while at the same time insulting the visitors intelligence.

Our privacy policy at ChartWatchCentral, Inc. is quite clear and straight to the point.

We do not and will not share any personal information about our visitors with anyone except under force of law. The personal information we collect when a person signs up for our services (such as name, address, etc.) is used exclusively by us to contact said person in the event of a problem delivering those services and for the necessary purpose of delivery of  requested information services - such as our subscription based e-mail newsletters - and for the overall improvement of our services and delivery of same. Credit card information  is utilized for billing purposes only.

We also respond to feedback, obviously, that visitors send to us by electronic mail. We do not send UCE ( Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail , commonly known as 'Spam' ).  All e-mail sent by us to visitors and subscribers  is the result of the visitor, or subscriber requesting same, either by direct mail contact with us, or by utilizing one of our auto-response servers. Anyone who wishes to cancel their services with us may contact us anytime.

We do not implant 'Web-Bugs' (more commonly known as scumware and/or spyware) or any other tracking devices in a visitor's browser anywhere on this site. Your browsing history and habits are none of our concern. Why should that be anyone's business but yours? We use session cookies, as do all Web sites with a paid membership section, to verify your status upon entrance to our paid subscriber area.

The non-personal information collected by our webserver and mailserver in the course of normal function, such as time of connection, I.P. address, etc. (which is collected by all webservers and mailservers), is used as raw data for site management, improvement, server functionality, site traffic measurement and auditing. We use raw viewership/readership totals (which does not include personal information) for advertising sales purposes, site maintenance and enhancement, internal decision-making, and, of course, to help us improve services and products for our visitors, readers and subscribers.

Advertisers, be they those who advertise with us, or advertisers on any other site on the World Wide Web, have their own privacy policy. Some, if not most, do employ persistent cookies and other tracking code techniques. Check with our advertisers for their privacy policy. As you can imagine, we cannot control another company's privacy policy. We can only try to set an example by being open, clear and honest with ours.

In short - we do not share any personal information you give us with anyone. Period.


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