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ChartWatchCentral - Website Support


  • ChartWatchCentral requires JavaScript and Flash for full functionality of the site. Modern browsers ship with Flash and JavaScript capability by default.
  • Cookies will need to be accepted to access the paid subscriber section of the site. This is a session cookie only and will expire when you close your browser. This eliminates the need to re-enter your username and password if, for example, you exit the subscriber section to view another section of the site and then return to the subscriber section.
  • You can click any minimized chart in an analysis, or commentary within the site to view the full-sized image. The full-sized chart image will then open in a new browser window. Those windows are not fixed in size and can be maximized to your preference. When you no longer need the chart, simply close the window containg that chart, or click the 'close window' command of the chart window.
  • All links to external sites will open in a new browser window.
  • When you click on a commentary, it will open in a window separate from this one, so be sure your computer is setup to allow popup windows from www.chartwatchcentral.com. Once that window is opened, leave it open if you plan to view other commentaries, because any additional commentaries which you attempt to open should automatically open in that other window. If you do not see that  new window when you click a symbol, it could possibly be hidden behind another window.


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