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-- Christina Nikolov.

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Phillip Duke Ph.D.

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Rahim A.

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Hin-Shing W.

"I've been using TA to swing trade for about 18 months with so-so success. I visited your website for the first time this morning after reading a review in S&C Magazine and it's terrific. Simple layout, excellent analysis without the use of exotic, complicated indicators. It's a refreshing difference from many sites. Great work, I look forward to visiting it often."

-- Don V.

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"I have been a chartist since 1969, when I started with Point and Figure ... ended up arguing with Robert Prechter, and successfully, on Elliot wave charting. Still my forte, although Gann charting for cycles, especially astronomically does feed my imagination, and has been successful more than once.

I tell you this, because I enjoy reading your analysis. You are one of the best I have read. Keep up the good work.

Sorry to take up your time.... the above is just to show you that I think you are tops. Keep up the good work."

-- Jack S.

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Thank you for the great information you provide along with your charts, opinions, etc. I use it every day."

-- CDN

"I love your site!!!! Found it through the magazine Stocks & Commodities. I have one question for you. What books on charting have you read that you have found helpful?"

-- Paul R.

"I am very impressed with your website. It has become a source which I rely on to make confident Buy/Sell decisions during these turbulent times.

For the most part, I am a Long-Term strategy investor. Currently I am putting together a model to help me identify entry/exit points into/out of the market for a long-term strategy. My model includes valuation indicators, investor sentiment indicators and opinions from 3 trusted advisors.

I have decide to use your Market Commentary and Long-Term signal as 1 of my 3 trusted advisors."

-- Bill Z.

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