"Stress the truth, don't stretch the truth."

-- Christina Nikolov

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ChartWatchCentral, Inc. was founded in 2001, by long-time financial writer, mathematician, option trader, commercial pilot and photographer, Christina Nikolov.

Primarily utilizing technical analysis, our objective is to uncover profitable trend reversals prior to their occurrence. While this strategy is often risky, since reversal patterns occasionally fail, it can also be tremendously profitable when the analysis is on target. While technical analysis is our primary research tool, fundamental analysis is also utilized, in an effort to confirm the technical picture.

Types of issues focused on:       Indices, equities, options and mutual funds.

Types of charting used:                Bar charts and Candlestick Charts



Ms. Nikolov has been charting stocks since 1991 and accurately predicted trend reversals on a substantial number of occasions. Her proprietary methods and systems have provided ChartWatchCentral members with clear and concise market analysis for many years and has garnered a loyal following worldwide. She has established herself as one of the most precise, vibrant and forceful financial authors of the 21st Century.

Her leadership and commitment to analytical integrity provides clarity in the midst of confusion - the complexity of statistical analysis is simplified by easily understood and accurate presentations which are the benchmark signature of ChartWatchCentral.

When Ms. Nikolov first began charting stocks in the early 1990's, she didn't have access to charting software, so charting a stock wasn't as simple a process as it is now. Twenty-five years ago, if you wanted to follow a stock, it typically involved sifting through newspapers and plotting the open, high, low, close and volume on actual graph paper. Anytime Ms. Nikolov was interested in a stock, she sifted through at least 30 days of previous newspapers for the price data. Then she would create the chart by hand. Of course, moving averages were the most time consuming aspect of the chart creation process, until she finally purchased ©MetaStock in 1993. Thanks to ©MetaStock, she is no longer limited to following a handful of stocks. Her chart database currently contains over 7000 securities.

If you are interested in viewing her previous recommendations, we suggest spending some time reviewing our track record and chart pattern database.

To compliment her extensive technical analysis background, she also has numerous years of writing and research experience. In addition, she is also a licensed instrument-rated single and multi-engine commercial pilot and instrument flight instructor, with over 1,500 hours of flight time. and more than 700 hours of dual instruction given.

"Pattern education brings a clearer understanding of the forces which are at play within the financial world. ChartWatchCentral was founded to help people realize, recognize and come to grips with these mathematical trends and precepts. Education and preparation are the hammer and nail - the building awaits. We are here to help. I invite you to become a member of ChartWatchCentral."

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