"Wealth requires stamina."

-- Christina Nikolov

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Don't Stop
Christina Nikolov
Founder ChartWatchCentral, Inc.

Things do not always; in fact things seldom go the way we want them to go. Despite diligent research, proper timing, best intentions and due diligence our best laid plans, as someone once said: "gang alay". The financial markets are testament to that fact. They are also testament to life in general.

For practical purposes, the stock markets are beyond our control. No matter how astute we are, or how solid the analysis, or the advice, the markets, at times, appear to have a life and mind of their own. Such is life.

You want what is best for you and your loved ones. You want what all who have come before you have wanted - the best that life has to offer. We often forget, and more still, tend to ignore a facet of life's pageant that is also on everyone's menu: disappointment.

When the stock market turns against you, when the losses become unbearable, when the current of life has carried you into choppy waters and hostile ports - don't stop. Stopping is lack of action and it is defeat. Retreat, realignment and redirection, on the other hand, are valid responses, but don't stop.

Day always follows night - no matter how long and terrifying the night. All that we take for granted today was built over time; all that we see is the product of overcoming obstacles. To overcome is to live. Obstacles are part and parcel of life. The tallest tree was once struggling mightily simply to poke through the ground and greet the light. If a baseball player hit .350 over a twenty-year career, he would be hailed as one of the best ever - however he would have failed 65% of the time.

The battle for financial freedom, the quest for the realization of your most cherished dreams, is one fraught with the unknown and beset by obstacles that can seem insurmountable. A sure fire way for those obstacles to, in fact, become insurmountable is to give up.

Go for your life despite all else, go for your dreams, chase the ring - and catch it. You can.

Don't stop.

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